Fog Bandit is a Weapon of Defence

Private and commercial buildings are equipped with an alarm system to detect a possible burglary by notification to a monitoring centre or Police Control Room. Although the notifications are instant, attendance by the appropriate authorities takes a considerable amount of time, providing criminals with a ‘window of opportunity’ to both complete their intended crime and get away without being apprehended.


The Fog Bandit generator provides an instant solution to this problem. In a few seconds from when an intruder is detected, the ejected fog deprives the intruder of their sense of sight and orientation!

Active Security

This kind of sensory deprivation is possibly the most effective burglary deterrent system, the fog can take up to 30 minutes to evaporate but leaves no residue.

Fog Bandit

Fog Bandit is capable of filling the area you want to protect in less then a few seconds and reducing the visibility level to less then 30cm

Bandit Shell

Shell UK

Michael Hunt

"The Bandit was installed at all of our non 24 hour operated Petrol Filling Stations, to protect against burglaries which were steadily increasing. The Bandit has proved to be an extremely reliable and immensely efficient system in dramatically reducing our problem"

Bandit G4S

G4S Cash Solutions

Hugh Gilmour

"The Fog Bandit is the single most cost effective security product investment made by G4S to date"

Bandit Jewelry

RL Austen Jewellers

Mandy Sargeant

"Well your Fog Bandit worked brilliantly! We had four armed robbers who attacked the window from inside with axes and sledgehammers and two of the girls hit the buttons and they were off. The inside glass is also armoured so they didn’t get away with anything. Pleased to say the Police caught all five of them in Pulborough within an hour and a half"

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