store looting

Store looting is evolving to be a concern for business owners in South Africa. The damage caused by robberies places tremendous hardship on shop owners.

In most cases, insurance companies do cover for the damages, but there is the possibility of becoming labelled as a high-risk area.

After dealing with the insurance company, the shop owner further must deal with getting the business up and running again, wasting valuable time, energy and income.

Store owners also have their staff safety to consider. Robberies don’t only occur after hours but also in working hours. Store looting can display violent in some cases leaving staff defenceless.

SAPS statistics for Robberies at non-residential premises indicates 19 991 cases in the year 2019. The reality is that 54 robberies occur in South Africa per day. (Stats 2019)

Momentarily business owners are made to look for security solutions to protect their assets and staff against store looting.

One of the best active security systems to consider having installed is the Fog Bandit Generator currently being used worldwide for the last 30 years.

How does the Fog Bandit work, and why can’t a business do without it in their defence plan against store looting?

A few seconds from when an intruder is detected, the ejected fog deprives the intruder of their sense of sight and orientation! This kind of fog deprivation is possibly the most effective burglary deterrent system.

Fog Bandit accurately converts 28 millilitres of fog fluid per second producing 28,000 litres of fog with a density level (eye to object visibility range) of no more than 30cm.

The fog fluid is mainly a mixture of water & food grade glycol, and just one millilitre produces one thousand litres of fog. The concentration levels are, therefore, so little that the fog itself has been certified and is also totally safe to breathe.

The Fog Bandit Generator has the area filling capacity of 504m3 in only 18 seconds consuming as little as 40watt per hour and very low on maintenance. It is equipped with an in-built self-diagnostics system to warn of potential irregularities which could cause the system to fail. Nozzle clogging also avoided with a self-cleaning system. The life expectancy of a Bandit Fog generator is 15+ years.

So, in the event of store looting, it is very challenging for the unwanted intruders to remove or damage goods without having any sense of sight after the activation of the Fog Bandit. The activation could also avoid any potential harm to owners, staff or private persons without causing any psychological impact of the event.

The Fog Bandit Generator is a stand-alone device but can also integrate with other security systems like GSM modules alarm systems and surveillance systems.

How to activate the Fog Bandit in multiple ways?

Staff or management can activate a unique double push-button wired to the Fog Bandit that eliminates any false activations. Installing several of these panic buttons is possible, and wireless Bandit remotes are also available.

The Fog Bandit can also integrate with your current alarm system and is activated once an unwelcome intruder triggers the alarm system after hours.

Any premises monitored with security cameras by an offsite monitoring company can activate the Fog Bandit remotely, stopping the intruders from possible store looting or after hour break-ins.

Some history of Fog Bandit South Africa since 2017!

Full Circle Group, a Security Company, partnered with Fog Bandit South-Africa as an Approved Distributor and Installer, approximately three years ago. Full Circle Group did not let any time go to waste and immediately grabbed the opportunity and partnered with Daems Bandit Security (PTY) Ltd., importer of Fog Bandit South-Africa. Bandit NV, an ISO9001:2015 certified Belgian company, started in 1992, with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing and marketing active security systems. Bandit specialized in a niche sector of the security marketplace supplying many different types of customers, including leading national & multi-national security companies and succeeding to grow into a worldwide market leader of fog security systems.

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