Standard FOG BANDIT unit

Standard ejection nozzle suitable for all rooms

The standard FOG BANDIT 240 DB is a versatile, compact, reliable and efficient unit which offers exceptional fog generating capabilities. With a triple ejection nozzle, this unit can project a 60⁰ wide plume of fog 6 meters in the first two seconds alone. This wide horizontal blanket of fog rapidly obscures assets in an entire room and drive intruders out from the outset. One unit can protect rooms up to 504 cubic metres. For larger volumes, 2 or more FOG BANDIT’s may be used in unison.


  • Produces 28 cubic metres of fog per second with visibility range (density) reduced to just 30cm
  • 24/7 self-diagnostics instantly reports stats changes to the alarm panel
  • Error LED provides quick and easy identification of the failure for rapid resolution.


Our most popular unit for rapid protection of entire rooms. As with all the Bandit units, colour of choice can be provided to suit all requirements.


Part No: 240 01 001

Dimensions: 270mm(w) x 365mm(h) x 255mm(d)

Jumbo LED Bandit 240
Jumbo LED
Reciever Bandit 240
Transmitter Bandit 240
Panic Push Button
Double Panic Button
Voice announcer Bandit 240
Voice Announcer
Wall Key Switch
Fixed wall mount
Swivel wall mount
floor mount bandit 240
Floor mount
Ceiling mount