fog bandit south africa

About Fog Bandit South Africa…

Full Circle Group founded in 2016 by Bernard Marais, who started his career in 1999 at the young age of twenty consulting and implementing different security products to end-users.

Fortunate to enjoy 21 years in the Security Industry, he believes consulting with integrity and providing quality brands is what makes the difference. “Fog Bandit is a must for every Security Professionals portfolio”.

In 2017 Marc Daems, founder of Daems Bandit Security, a third-generation jewellery manufacturer with a keen eye for quality and a passion for electronicsintroduced the world-leading Fog Generator ‘Bandit’ to the Group.

Due to his international experience with safety issues in the jewellery industry and his contact with a Belgian company that had developed a superior safety product, he believes that shops and homeowners can finally actively protect themselves.

In 2018 Peter-John Smith joined the Group as New Business Development with a great passion for people. With a career history in banking, management, and security, started in 1999 in the United Kingdom.

Fortunate to be part of national, multinational, and international companies, who believes in healthy relationships, developing trust over time

The South African Bandit Group moving in unity has enjoyed significant growth & success in the last three years. Deeply passionate and determined to protect the world-renowned security fog generator and to introduce it to a Niche market.

fog bandit south africa