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  • Installation of the Bandit system with remote control and/or connection to your existing alarm system.
  • General maintenance.
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Fog Bandit is almost completely maintenance-free

As the Bandit has no mechanical components it is practically maintenance free.

However, the system is subject to the typical lifespan of the back-up battery and the degradation of the food grade glycol within the HY3 fog fluid cartridge.

The manufacturers recommended maintenance cycle for the Bandit is therefore as follows:

Back up battery change every 2 year

The longevity of the battery is due to the extremely efficient insulation within the Bandit keeping internal system temperatures and power consumption to a minimum.

HY3 Fog cartridge only requires every 4 years

By using a clean filled, hermetically sealed ’Patented’ cartridge system, the fluid’s lifespan is prolonged from the typical 6 months to 1 year in other systems to 4 years by minimising degradation of the glycol used to produce fog in all security fogging systems.

For additional peace of mind:

The Bandit has a self-monitoring system providing 24/7 diagnostics of its functionality.  Any status changes to any components critical to the Bandit’s ability to operate successfully, such as tamper, power problem (including back-up battery), fuse blown, fluid low are not only alerted to the user via the ‘Failure’ indicator LED on the front of the Bandit, but instantly reported to the intruder alarm panel so that the problem can be promptly identified and rectified.  A properly installed and maintained system has NEVER failed to activate when called upon to do so.